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Lindsay and friends sea swimming


                                         ROCK ROSE BEAUTY

                                             skincare for life

Well, Spring has Sprung and the Rock Rose Girls have been enjoying the sunshine and a spot of sea swimming for good measure! By the way healing balm is great at helping getting wet neoprene both on and off in addition to soothing the inevitable grazes from our shingle beach. 

                                  " WINNERS "

We have Won! And are delighted to announce that we have been awarded, by SME

Best Organic Skin Care Brand of 2022. Naturally, we were very excited by this and bubbles were consumed !  Such a great affirmation to know that our products are just fabulous and do deliver real results.


The events of the last few months have had an impact on our supply chains and consequently we are factoring in the different timescales to ensure we always have enough stock to keep you supplied. Unfortunately, we have modestly increased our prices on some of our products simply because the raw materials are costing far more than last year. Rest assured though, the quality of our oils and balms remain the same. 

Now that we are able to travel Lindsay will be going back to Portugal in June to meet our lovely supplier David Jacob. She will return with all sorts of goodies pertaining to our brand – including the cistus infusion, which has been so helpful to people during the pandemic.

 As you know, it takes some time for products to be brought to market, as they need to be rigorously tested by our commercial chemist based in Petworth. However we are very pleased to announce that we have developed a Tattoo Balm, which we will launch in early, May. This super smooth balm is great for aftercare on a new tattoo and also gives a sheen to any older ones. Please don’t be tempted to use baby oil or baby lotion as this can lengthen the healing process and could affect the ink.  

Our next product is Vegan Natural Deodorant Paste, many thanks to those of you in our testing club for giving us your honest feedback updates . I’m delighted to say this will be sent to Colin (the chemist) in the next couple of weeks, which means it should be on the market by the summer. Natural deodorants do not prevent perspiration but they do neutralize any unpleasant odours. Our paste smells divine, and of course, it contains no water or nasty chemicals. As with all our products a little goes a long way and naturally our containers are recyclable. We also reckon our label is pretty groovy. 

It is a joy to be able to be out and about and we will have a stand at the Wealden Fair on the 9-11June at Hole Park Rolvenden TN174JB. This one of the largest Fair in the region and is a great day out, so we hope to meet some of you there. 


Finally a big thank you to all our loyal lovely customers, we value your custom immensely and hope that you are still enjoying our fabulous products. 


Much Love  

Lindsay, Raquel and Vanessa



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