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Welcome to Rock Rose Beauty.

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Skincare for life

Natural and cruelty-free, our organic moisturising products use the unique benefits of

Rock Rose oil to heal and soothe the skin of all generations.


Meet Raquel at “Ethel loves me” £65.00 redeemable against products on the day

What people are saying about Rock Rose Beauty

This miracle, moisturising, rehydrating, rejuvenating range has saved my life. As an actor with long hours in makeup under lights and as a mad fish all year round sea swimmer, who doesn’t wash the salt off: it has saved my skin. I cannot and refuse to be without it! 

Doon Mackichan

Wonderful smelling balm - carry it everywhere! JBon Sep 27, 2021

I have some patches of psoriasis that Rock Rose healing balm manages to soothe. Brilliant to carry around with me and a plus that it smells of lovely essential oils!


Gorgeous! Annon Mar 31, 2022

I tried this body oil for the first time yesterday and have to say it is utterly beautiful, left my skin super soft and the subtle fragrance is just right. My new favourite body product. Total luxury 

Everyone loves the balm in our house. We keep it in the kitchen so it is handy. Soothes quickly reducing inflammation while the lovely scent lifts the spirits. Makes a super gift - ordering for friends/family


I love Rock Rose, it smells lovely, sinks in immediately on my sensitive skin. It feels luxurious and I recommend it to all my friends.

Chloe Bond 

I love these products. I have always been a soap and water person, very lazy with skincare but I have started to cleanse my and use these lovely balms/oils and my skin looks better. It is smoother and has a glow. I’m still lazy but when I use these they do all the work for me.

Debi Daly 

Such wonderful stuff! Very helpful to my skin - strongly recommended. And it arrived beautifully packaged too.

Happy Rock Rose customer

Fantastic product , exceptional value for money.. and a little goes a very long way!


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Organic, natural and full of good things

At the heart of all our products is the distilled essential oil from the Rock Rose shrub, Its powerful immune-boosting properties have been used for generations in the Mediterranean.

What is Rock Rose?

Three friends on a mission

Rock Rose Beauty is the brainchild of Raquel, Vanessa, and Lindsay, three friends from Hastings with a passion for using natural products to give their skin unbeatable glow and radiance. 

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