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Our story

In 2016, our co-founder Lindsay Wright was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and subsequently had a double mastectomy followed by intravenous chemotherapy and anti-cancer drugs.

The side effects of the treatment caused the skin on her face to became extraordinarily dry and blotchy. While on holiday in Portugal having a break from treatment, she discovered a moisturiser made with rock rose oil. Using it made her skin look more radiant, smooth and healthy-looking.

“When you are going through cancer treatment, it can have a huge physical, mental and emotional effect on your whole body. My skin was looking dull, but within a few weeks of using this balm, my husband commented that my skin was looking fantastic!"

She decided to spread the word about the wonderful properties of rockrose oil back in the UK. Together with two friends with experience of the cosmetics and aromatherapy business, Raquel and Vanessa, she created some sample balms to share with their friends and family. The response was so positive, they decided to start a company to make moisturising products with rockrose oil for everyone.

Our customers

Rockrose oil products are great for everyone young and old, but they're especially beneficial for mature skin dealing with the effects of menopause and ageing.

Our goal is to create premium, luxury products that are affordable and usable every day. We make them in Hastings on the south coast, from 100% natural ingredients, using quality, organic essential oils. We then blend them with other soothing, healing oils such as evening primrose, calendula, jasmine and rose. We use vitamin E as a preservative.

We use the minimum of packaging where we can and encourage reusing and recycling materials whenever possible.

Use a small amount, morning and evening and allow the product to melt into your skin. We hope you love our products as much as we do.

Lindsay, Raquel and Vanessa X