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Tattoo Balm

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We are delighted to now be launching our Rock Rose Tattoo Balm to a wider market. It has been used for several years by a few selected artists who have had phenomenal results with their clients and is now their must have aftercare product. 

Created and hand poured in Hastings; our ingredients have been carefully selected to provide excellent skin repair. This significantly cuts down the healing period and any discomfort they may/will feel throughout the process.

Our aftercare tattoo balm helps reduce scabbing (which can distort the artwork)

Keeps the skin hydrated (which insures the tattoo heals evenly) as well protecting the tattoo/wound from infection. Our ingredients feature organic Shea butter, sweet almond and apricot oils for intense moisture, lavender and chamomile for soothing and Ravesara for its excellent antibacterial properties.  The balm can also be used to buff up and hydrate older tattoos, bringing a luminous shine. Our natural tattoo product is free from nasties such as parabens, petrochemicals and preservatives.


We have also included an example of our after care, which you would share with your client



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