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Limited Edition - Handcrafted Massage Candle
Limited Edition - Handcrafted Massage Candle
Limited Edition - Handcrafted Massage Candle

Limited Edition - Handcrafted Massage Candle

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These exclusive limited edition massage candles are the ultimate way to unwind and relax your senses; creating a soothing aroma whilst also leaving your skin sumptuously soft and hydrated.

Composed of our unique formula using only the best and purest natural ingredients which are free from parabens and water. Each chosen ingredient bares incredibly beneficial properties:

  • Rock Rose - a multi-functional ancient healing herb that has the powerful ability to repair and renew; leaving your skin even and with a healthy glow. 
  • Chamomile - has the capability to penetrate deep into the dermis; fighting free radicals that cause signs of ageing.
  • Lavender - as well as leaving your skin gorgeously scented, this versatile essential oil promotes relaxation for the body and mind. 
  • Organic Shea Butter -  from Burkina Faso, our traditionally processed shea butter is proudly sourced from a sutainable supply which supports and empowers the local women working in the industry. It's considered a superfood for the skin and is rich in natural fats which has a silky texture and nourishes. Our Shea butter has a low melting point- meaning it doesn't need to be cooled before applying to your body- making it the perfect base for our candle. 

Once your candle is finished, you're left with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind keepsake that can be the beginning of your collection with Rock Rose Beauty. 

Simply light the wick, once melted, the oil is ready to be effortlessly poured into your hand for application.  

It's the perfect luxurious accompaniment to use after a relaxing bath.

200ml volume per candle

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