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"Everyone loves this balm in our house. We keep it in the kitchen so it is handy. Soothes quickly reducing inflammation while the lovely scent lifts the spirits." 

"I have always thought I had oily skin but after reading the descriptions on the different skin types found that I was actually classed as normal skin! They were right and my skin is better for it."

"Healing balm is a great product - as a tradesman I use it to keep my hands In good order and has made a big difference. I highly recommend this product."

"Such wonderful stuff! Very helpful to my skin - strongly recommended. And it arrived beautifully packaged too."

"This oil is amazing. I have had problems with my skin for the last year. I had blemishes on both checks. I tried this oil one evening the next day my skin was 100% better."

"I use this in the bath - it's lovely. My skin feels so soft. 100% recommend it."

"This balm is lovely. My hands feel amazing. So soft. It smells lovely and very nourishing."

"Absolutely amazing product - my skin just drinks this balm when I apply it - my skin feels softer and smoother especially in the mornings after sleeping with it on all night - highly recommend this as nothing seems to nourish my dry skin like this"

"The combination moisturising balm works wonderfully. Non greasy, but a little goes a long way. I'm a convert."

"I use this at least once a day -it is wonderful to apply as a nightcream. I also use after swimming and any exposure to serious sun. My skin just loves it and feels truly nourished. A tiny dot goes a very long way."

"As someone who has a combo of dry and combination skin, I found that this balm gave my skin balance and it looked fresher. I also find it a great primer before applying my foundation. I love the smell too."

"The Nourishing Facial Oil is an incredible product that is a joy to use each day. It soaks in immediately and leaves my skin feeling nourished, cherished and radiant."

"I now cleanse, nourish and moisturise with Rock Rose products every day and my skin feels incredible. I am at an age (early 50s woman) when my skin is changing and it really benefits from products of this quality."

"I have been looking for a soothing balm that isn't greasy for some time and I have to say this one is really excellent, it really works, particularly as an after shave balm."

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