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Rock Rose Beauty and cancer

Lindsay's story 

The products in our range were developed by our co-founder, Lindsay Wright, who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and subsequently had a double mastectomy followed by intravenous chemotherapy and anti-cancer drugs. 

"As my treatment progressed, my face became extraordinarily dry and at times blotchy; my pallor too, was grey and each time I looked into the mirror I felt my heart sink. I then started to use the moisturising balm on my face and neck, and within a couple of weeks, the difference was noticeable not only to me but to those around me."

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This balm contains rock rose (cistus ladaniferus) and this is an ancient healing plant that has been used for centuries in areas where it grows wild. The other essential oils incorporated in the balm meant it smelt divine! The product itself melted into my skin and only a small amount was required to cover my neck and face.

The balm

Chemotherapy can affect the skin dramatically and it can cause people to look gaunt and pale. This balm with the ‘ magic ‘ ingredient of rock rose oil along with other carefully selected essential oils can help redress this. All the ingredients are natural and well known for their healing properties.

The key benefits are

- Skin becomes plumper and softer

- Skin improves in texture and colour returns

- 100% natural and free from parabens and water

- A beautiful up lifting fragrance for both mind and body

- The balm can also be used as an oil wash and works in conjunction with the facial oil.


Evening primrose oil, ( oenothera biennis )beeswax, avocado oil, (persea gratissima ),calendula ( calendula officinalis )

Rock rose( cistus landiferous ) , jasmine, (jasminium grandiflorum ) rose( rose damascena), geranium (pelargonium graven) and vitamin E ( tocophererol )




Use a small amount, morning and evening, allowing the product to melt into your skin. If using as an oil wash apply a little to the face and then place a warm cloth /flannel over the face, leave for a minute and then rinse off.


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